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My Background


I began drawing at the age of 5. 

The animated cartoons and movies of Walt Disney and Chuck Jones  inspired my art. I appreciated and studied their work in "old school" cel animation. The process of painting lush backgrounds, drawing and painting characters on acetate, shooting cels frame by frame and bringing images to life. My own skills led me to a wonderful career in broadcast television.

The Beatles


Creativity comes in many forms. The Beatles created an artistic revolution in my own mind. A new way of looking at the world and creating exciting work. They played an important part yesterday and today.

Television Days


I worked as an Artist, Set Designer, Animator, Art Director, Creative Director, Promotion Director,  Creative Services Manager, and V.P. of Audience Development. My artistic skills were always in play.

T.V. Art History

Character Art


1975 art card for WTOP-TV Reporter Henry Tenenbaum. Cel paint on acetate with airbrush tones and hot press type.



1982 claymation maquette for George Michael "Sports Machine" promo WRC-TV, NBC Washingtin D.C.

Logo Designs, Animation


1977 animation slit-scan, multiple 35mm film exposure technique shot on Oxberry stand.   Thank you Bob Abel. 



1972 art card for  WTOP-TV "Sir Graves Ghastly" fright night movies. Dr. Martin's dyes, acrylic paint, pen and ink.

Advertising Design


Art Directing and Copywriting various print work for Post-Newsweek Stations, WRC-TV, NBC Washington D.C.

Character Animation


1998 "50th Anniversary" promo for KING-TV Seattle WA. Animation of King Mike character designed by Walt Disney.

Video 1

TV Broadcast Work 1971 - 1999

Video 2

My Beatles Story

Video 3

South West Plumbing  2019 "Recruitment" Video


1999 - Present


I founded NW Directions in May of 1999 providing a full range of creative services to media companies and retail clients. I've served over 300 clients producing TV content, promotions, commercials, website design, and videos.

Lee Casazza Cooking LLC


Lee and I have been married over 51 years. She is a fantastic cook and published her first cookbook in 2014: "Big Mamma's Italian-American Cookbook". It was a special partnership between us that I treasure dearly. Visit: www.LeeCasazzaCooking.com

Today & Tomorrow


I continue to produce creative and video work for my clients in addition to my own ventures into paintings, drawing and other projects.  Stay tuned for more in the future.

Video 4

2018 Sample Reel

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